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8 Signs Of Tiredness That Makes It Dangerous To Drive




Driving is a complex activity. It requires all your senses to be at full alert.

All your senses needs to be fully alert because they would have to contribute to several important split second driving decisions that you will make.

Drowsiness or sleepiness decreases our sense of good judgment, and increases risk taking.

Sleep or tiredness does not come suddenly. There are always signs that we exhibit to inform us that we are tired or that sleep beckons. When any of these signs are detected, it is very important that certain measures be urgently taken to counter their effects.

Autojosh presents a few signs that tell us that we are too tired, sleepy or dangerously distracted to drive.

1. Yawning repeatedly or rubbing your eyes

You keep yawning. Or you keep rubbing your eyes. These are obvious sign of tiredness or sleepiness. When this is observed, it is important that you stop for a quick nap or engage in an activity that will get you sleep-free.

2. Tailgating

Tailgating is when you drive dangerously too close to the car ahead of you, sometimes a few inches. When you find yourself unconsciously driving too close or hitting the bumper of cars ahead of you then you are distracted by something that is likely sleep or tiredness.

3. Missing exits or traffic signs

 When we keep missing exit turns or traffic light signals, this is a sign of distractions. These distractions can be as a result of some reasons such as tiredness, sleepiness or a wandering mind.

4. Drifting from your lane

Unconsciously driving off your lane and wandering into another is a sign of a distracted, tired, or sleepy driver. It could have fatal consequences especially when cars in the other lanes are not hinted that you are suddenly driving into their lanes.

5. Daydreaming

Your mind keeps wandering off or you experience disconnected thoughts.

6. Frequent Blinking, Or Heavy Eyelids

When you start experiencing intermittent blinking or your eyelids suddenly becomes too heavy to keep open, this are unmistakable signs of a tired and sleepy driver.


7. Feeling restless and irritable

When you become restless and everything around annoys you while you are driving, this is often a sign of tiredness.

8. Trouble keeping your head up

You find it hard to keep your heap up. As your head falls or drops forward as a result of sleepiness.

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