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7 Things That Cause Unnecessary Traffic In Lagos




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For a long time Lagos roads and traffic have been synonymous.In recent times there has been significant decrease in amount of grid-locks in some major roads like Oshodi bus stop,but the traffic situation has not been totally alleviated.So what causes this ?, most of them are unnecessary and could be prevented.

1.Danfo Drivers

The ” badoo’s ” and “James Bond’s” of Lagos roads, these guys drive anyhow,overtake anyhow,and even obstruct traffic to pick up passangers .They are one of the major contributors to unnecessary traffic in Lagos.

2. NURTW Levy Collectors

Cousins of the Danfo drivers , they piss me off all the time .They would not let the Danfo buses , go without dropping “Wazo” ,causing the Danfo drivers to obstruct traffic.


The Men In Black as I call them , won’t just let drivers be ,both Danfo and private drivers are targets .Road blocks , bribes ,they don’t just stop.They are always stopping, searching and collecting .

4.Stubborn Drivers

Private drivers are not left out of this scuffle ,there are some stubborn drivers .They just can’t wait for their turn ,bypassing traffic lights ,overtaking etc.


This would always come up when there are stubborn drivers.Yesterday a bike and a bus driver blocked the road for almost 15 minutes and it was a T-junction , imagine the grid-lock they caused .All they did was argue and yell threats at each other .Iya e !!!  Baba e !!  .

6.Buying And Selling

Women are one of the major culprits here , hungry kids are mostly the indirect cause.Some men are not left out .Some folks can pause traffic for almost 2 minutes on a major way just to buy Gala.

7.Bad Roads

This is so pathetic and there is nothing drivers can do about this .Bad roads would always slow down traffic.I am using this medium to call on the government to fix all the bad roads .Good enough there are improvements .But improvements are not enough ,we need better roads to prevent unnecessary jams and accidents .

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  1. Tolodusteve

    January 20, 2017 at 15:19

    changing lanes incessantly and indecision of a lot of drivers are part of what causes traffic as well

    • AutoJosh

      January 21, 2017 at 08:51

      Sure. Very funny when you quickly change lane.. next thing, the lane stops moving

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