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7 Ways You Can Be A Better And Safer Pedestrian In Lagos





There is no doubt that Lagos is the roughest place in Nigeria when it comes to traffic and transportation.We rush everything,boarding ,driving,even walking !.

Have you been a good pedestrian lately ?.

Let us find out seven ways you can become a better pedestrian in Lagos and anywhere else for that matter.

Help Kids Cross The Road

It wouldn’t hurt to spare 2 minutes of your time to help kids cross the road,even though most of them are “street wise”,they are still vulnerable especially when Danfo buses are involved .

Help Old People Cross Too

Just like kids ,old people need your help too.I know you are worried she might be an affiliate of “eran Iya Oshogbo“,you can just help slow down moving vehicles if you are too scared to touch.

Pregnant Women Too !

Yeah!,heavily pregnant women have a hard time running ,so they need your help too !.

Don’t Take Pictures When Accidents Occur !

I saw a sad scene(pictures) of very annoying people taking pictures of an accident victim !.You should call for help !.Most people end up dying out of negligence and not even the accident .Have some sympathy and sense na .

Use Pedestrian Bridges

I know this can be really inconvinient ,but its for your safety and the safety of other road users.Please use the bridges !.

Keep Your Eyes On the Road And Not Your Phone

Come on !,Whatsapp can wait !.Focus on the road and leave your phone alone .  

Don’t Make A Call While Walking 

If you must make a call,stand somewhere safe and complete it first before continuing your journey.You can easily lose focus while talking on the phone and crossing the road .

Stay safe !,Be a good pedestrian !


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