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7 Tips To Help Prevent Muscle Cramps When Driving



Muscle cramps when driving can be life threatening if it occurs in a part of your body like your legs or back !.So what should you do to prevent them ? .Let us find out .

1.Sit Right 

An upright position is always the best not just to prevent muscle cramps ,but also to keep you safe in case of an accident .Don’t lean forward ,instead adjust your chair.

2.Take A Break 

If you are driving for a long  period of time ,its wise to take occasional breaks to stretch your legs and body 

3.Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water before driving helps to prevent muscle cramps as well.

4.Eat Right

A balanced diet would help keep muscle cramps away ,especially foods rich in calcium ,potassium and magnesium.

5.Don’t Wear Tight Clothes 

One of the causes of muscle cramps is improper blood circulation .So don’t wear clothes or shoes that would hinder the free flow of blood around your body.

6.Exercise Your Body

Make sure you exercise your body at least once a week .It can be in the gym,yoga at home,jogging ,or even cleaning and rearranging your house ,since you would be doing a lot of stretching and bending.

7.Rest Well At Night

Never underestimate the importance of a good night’s rest .It helps relax your muscles and refreshes your mind to stay alert while driving the next day .

Stay healthy,stay safe !


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