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These Are Top 5 Expensive Car Problems That Are Not Worth Fixing If They Go Bad



Normal vehicle maintenance is very common for every vehicle, but sometimes things can be neglected for too long or even just go bad. While some auto repair and scheduled maintenance can be affordable for most, there are a few car problems that are not worth fixing if they go bad. The following list will show the top culprits that are too expensive to get fixed. If you are having any of these problems in your current vehicle, it may be time to start looking for a new vehicle.

1)A Bent Frame

If your vehicle has been in an accident and its frame gets bent, it’s time to let it go.The more the damage, the lesser the chances that the frame can come back to shape. Anything less than perfect can prove to be hazardous for your safety. Cars are engineered keeping your safety in mind. if the bend is beyond the crumple zone (meant to protect the car in case of heavy impact) a bent frame can compromise that very aim.

2)Blown Up Head Gasket

When the gasket that separates the head of the engine from the block breaks, you are in for a lot of expenditure, so much so, that you’d rather buy a new car.
The reason is that when this gasket gets blown,coolant and engine oil mix together,causing clouds of smoke to come out while you drive. With time, the mileage will drop even below miserable.

3)Bad Transmission

Transmission is as important as the engine is. So, if either goes, your car is likely to give up too. The cost to have it repaired could be more than you’re willing to spend,and still may not work as efficiently. It is, in fact, one of the major car problems that are not worth fixing.

4)Electrical Problems/Glitches

Yes,electrical problems may sound very normal at first, but the more modern your car is, the trickier and more expensive it is to fix. So it may be time for you to let your car go and move on to a newer model.

5)Rust On Your Car

It can be expensive and difficult to repair a rusted out piece of your vehicle so it’s not worth fixing if you are experiencing this problem.Either you’ll just have to live with it,  or start looking for a newer car that has no rust.