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8 Reasons Older Road Users Need Your Assistance On Daily Basis – FRSC



mohamed1982eg / Pixabay

We are all praying to grow old.. therefore, we have a moral responsibility to help the aged when trying to cross the highway or get into a bus. 

We youths have to do better in providing support to the elders in the society.

These are some of the reasons why older road users need our assistance on a daily basis;

1. They have got failing sensory and information processing capacities. And as a result this mostly leads to poor judgement

2. They tend to be easily distracted thereby, concentrating on less important issues and neglecting the very important ones

3. They have got poor balance and reduced ability to catch themselves in case of a fall or slip

4. Reduced agility is highly present obviously as a result of old age.

5. They also experience difficulty in walking due to ailment like arthritis, e.t.c . So, they have to be slow while walking

6. They also walk slowly due to to unsure footing and increased chance of falling. So, to maintain balance,they walk slowly

7. Interpreting correctly, road signs and regulations is another major issue cos of technicalities and illiteracy.

8. To be sincere, most infrastructures around aren’t built to suit the older road users. So, this puts them at higher risk

Make sure you don’t add to their problems. kindly help whenever you see an old road user. They all need our help always.

Credit: Kolawole Ajayi of FRSC

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