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Checkout The World’s Highest Steel-Trussed Suspension Bridge (PHOTOS)



China keeps breaking its own World Records in terms of bridges and related infrastructure.

For instance, the records of the world’s highest, longest, and fastest-built bridges were broken by China one by one in recent years. And, another record has just been retired.

Below are pictures of the main body of a newly constructed bridge in China. The bridge is the world’s highest and second longest steel-trussed suspension bridge.

It was jointly built by the Chinese provinces of Guizhou and Sichuan. The bridge connects SW China’s Guizhou and neighbouring Sichuan.

The mega suspension bridge of Gulin-Xishui expressway, successfully completed closure last week Thursday.

The 2,000-meter-long bridge has the world’s highest tower and second largest span of its kind.

It is scheduled to open to traffic in September 2019.

Photo Credit: China Global Television Network


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