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Get Better Results with the Actros 3340 S Tractor & Actros 3331 B Concrete Mixer



Following its continued dedication to bringing better results and fulfilling the needs of businesses in Nigeria, Weststar Associates Limited, Authorized General Distributor of Mercedes-Benz in Nigeria has announced the arrival of new batches of the award winning Mercedes-Benz ‘Actros 3340 S’ tractors & ‘Actros 3331 B’ concrete mixers. As one of the most sold commercial vehicles in this region, Mercedes-Benz continue their dedication towards providing the best trucks and equipment to support different businesses in need of heavy duty transport equipment in Nigeria.

The Actros 3340 S tractor & Actros 3331 B concrete mixer are now available at competitive prices with the best after sales service and total cost of ownership. Companies in the construction industry looking to increase performance and efficiency would be impressed with the Actros 3331 B concrete mixer and the Actros 3340 S tractor meets customers’ requirements with various applications.

The Actros 3340 S tractor comes with a V6 engine that has a rated power output at 290 KW (394 HP), a 3300 mm Wheel base, a 6×4 drivetrain axle configuration and gross vehicle weight of 33 tons. The Actros 3340 S tractor is also equipped with 394 horsepower & G 240-16 transmission, also the chassis components of the Actros (frame, suspension, axles, and brakes) are designed to withstand the extreme environments commonly encountered in this terrain.

Another highlight in the Actros 3340 S tractor is the M-cab, which is impressive, inside and out. The interior offers an impressive standard of ergonomics, comfort and safety – perfect for challenging environments, there is also a great deal of freedom of movement and various additional storage facilities in the side panels and in the cab rear wall. It can optionally be equipped with a foldable, 600 mm wide bunk to allow the driver to rest. The all-steel cab is very strong and structurally rigid. Only flame-retardant materials are used in the interior. Efficient safety systems provide optimal protection for the driver, vehicle and load. Comfortable and safe seating supports the driver while driving in rough conditions.

Additional features have been included in the Actros 3340 S tractors for safety and cost effectiveness.  Features like the Telligent gearshift system II, Roll Back prevention & Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) help drivers feel at ease, even in rough driving conditions. Other highlights include, the Telligent Maintenance System which helps in reducing downtime by continually registering all key operating data and calculating the conditions of operating fluids and wear parts, displaying any that need to be changed or replaced. There is also the Telligent brake system with driver disengageable anti-lock braking system (ABS) that electronically controls the complex brake functions of the entire vehicle combination.

The chassis on the Actros 3331B concrete mixer on the other hand comes with a V6 engine that has a rated power output at 230 KW (313 HP), a 3600 mm Wheel base, a 6×4 drivetrain axle configuration and gross vehicle weight of 33000 kg. Built with Liebherr concrete truck mixer, the Actros mixer comes with an S-cab which is suitable whenever body length needs to be maximized especially in construction traffic. It also comes with additional features like the Telligent gearshift system II, Roll back prevention & Anti-lock braking system (ABS).

The installed Liebherr Truck mixer type HTM 904 comes with a basic frame made of sectional girders at 180 x 80 x 8 mm with cross beams. The drum bearing supports are bolted to the mixer’s auxiliary frame. The Drum drive which is absolutely unsusceptible to truck chassis-torsions, comprises of a steeples adjustable axial-piston hydraulic pump with servo adjustment, a Hydraulic motor, planetary gear, a 24 V electrical system and an Oil cooler with temperature control via thermostat (long life cooler). The mixing drum’s nominal filling capacity in compacted mixed concrete is 9 m³ and there are other auxiliary equipment which include the temporary spare wheel holder and other vehicle-related modifications.

The mixing drum, spirals and wear protection strips are manufactured from high- strength LH 37 steel for extended service life, with the mixer’s sub-frame manufactured from S 500, the same steel type as that of the chassis frame, this ensures improved travel stability, even over rough terrain. The low overall centre of gravity of the mixer ensures improved drivability, while the high quality drive train provides a reliable drum drive lasting for several years. The smooth surfaces and fewer edges on the feeder system ensure quick and easy cleaning, and the ladder with a spacious access platform allows work to be carried out safely on the rear of the vehicle’s upper section.

The HTM 904 truck mixer body has been designed in close co-operation with the Actros chassis to ensure perfect co-ordination. A multitude of details, for example design of the connecting elements between the Actros chassis and body, ensure reliability over several years. This allows a certain dynamic and prevents the formation of cracks during operation in rough terrain. The low overall centre of gravity improves stability during driving, both on road and off-road, while the wide-set rollers ensure optimum support of the drum, especially when driving off-road.

Speaking on the new shipments, the MD/CEO Weststar Associates Limited, Mr. Mirko Plath reiterated the company’s dedication to providing solutions for the most pressing needs of clients and customers looking to sustain their businesses and gain more profitability. With their robustness, off-road capability and versatility the Actros 3340 S tractors and the Actros 3331B concrete mixers are ready to take your business to the next level.

The Actros has become an all-round solution to the individual challenges of every task. Thanks to its sturdy, proven components, even the harshest conditions become easy to handle, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride for drivers. The Actros is the ideal option when it comes to durability, reliability and efficiency.

For inquiries about the Actros 3331B concrete mixer, please call 08030798985, 08099998375/6.


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