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Airbus Displays Futuristic Flying Car At Geneva Motor Show





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Airbus is mostly synonymous with the production of airplanes .Not to long ago they ventured into making flying cars.

We have all seen drones ,if small drones could be built ,why not build a car-like drone for everyone.

Airbus calls it “Pop.up”,its a car that can move on land and in air.

It is a modular, fully-electric, with zero emission concept design .They believe it would help solve the problem of traffic congestion in crowded countries.

When you get stuck in traffic it can disconnect from its four wheels and attaches itself to a quadcopter ,making it look like a drone.Therefore giving you the ability to fly.

However there are some concerns on regulations and safety ,when using this technology in urban environments.

Just imagine getting stuck in traffic on the Third Mainland Bridge and you lift off,fly just above the water to your destination.Fun right ?.

While it would take about 5-10 years to perfect this technology,they have made quite significant progress.

Watch the video below :

What do you think about this technology ,would it be beneficial ?

Would you opt in for one when it becomes available ?

Lets know your thoughts in the comments below.

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    Amazing Futuristic Cars!

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