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Brand New All-electric Porsche Taycan Bursts Into Flames In Garage (Pictures)





A brand new all-electric Porsche Taycan suddenly bursts into flames in a garage in Florida on Sunday. Porsche is currently investigation the cause of the fire incident. 


Volkswagen-owned Porsche is reportedly planning a battery pack upgrade for several Taycan models after a brand new Porsche Taycan suddenly bursts into flames in a Florida garage.

The completely burnt car is one of just 130 Porsche Taycan electric cars in the United States. Porsche is investigating the Sunday incident that resulted in the complete loss of the car.


Commenting on the fire incident, a Porsche spokesperson said :

“We are investigating and we remain ready to assist if called upon. We are relieved to hear that no one was harmed in this incident. It’s too early to speculate on the cause until the investigation has concluded.”

Instances of all-electric vehicles catching fire is nothing new. Investigations by Tesla and federal safety authorities from previous cases of cars going up in flames showed the causes originated in the battery pack.



This incident comes few days after the second richest man Bill Gates announced he just bought his first-ever electric car, a Porsche Taycan.

Bill Gates said :

“I’ve got to say — it’s a premium priced car — it is very, very cool. That’s my first electric car and I’m enjoying it a lot,”



Bill Gate’s move of choosing a “cool” Porsche Taycan over Tesla Electric cars really made Elon Musk sad.

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