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Big Software Upgrades For The Cadillac Lyriq SUV Confirmed




GM’s bet on the future of electric vehicles starts to resemble the “two steps forward, one step back” approach. While the Chevy Blazer EV is off to a non-start debut, the luxurious Cadillac Lyriq SUV is finding more and more customers. Thankfully, GM is not giving up on its EVs yet and has just rolled out a big software update for the Lyriq. There’s a sliver of hope that it might finally smooth out some of the kinks that kept it from being a serious Tesla competitor.

Cadillac’s Super Cruise is getting a serious makeover. While GM just expanded its coverage across North America to over 1,207,000 km, Lyriq’s owners can finally expect fewer prompts to take back control, making for a more hands-off driving experience, especially on highways. It’s not full autonomy yet, but the tech-savvy crowd should appreciate the upgrade. The Lyriq’s standard adaptive cruise control is also getting an update for a smoother ride and enhanced lane-keeping. So, no revolutionary changes, but vital upgrades if Cadillac wants to stay competitive in the semi-autonomous race.

It gets better: touchscreen controls for your garage door and glove box seem basic, but it’s the extra attention to detail Cadillac needs. Plus, GM is improving the performance of the MyCadillac app, promising a smoother and more intuitive experience. These little refinements mean better interaction between the car and driver – precisely what Cadillac’s customers claim was missing from the tech package.

Unfortunately, there’s one not-so-modern catch: you can’t download this update at home. Lyriq owners will have to take a trip to the dealership, a throwback to the pre-OTA days. While convenient over-the-air updates seem to be the wave of the future, maybe GM wants to play it safe for now to ensure this crucial update goes exactly as planned. It may be a little inconvenient, but it’s way better to have your Lyriq throw a tantrum at the dealers rather than at home—not that we’re saying it will.

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