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BMW 2-Series Grand Coupe Is Getting A Refresh As Spy Images Are Unveiled



The BMW 2-series Gran Coupé has been running for almost four years now, which means that plans for a facelift have been on the table for a long time. The 2-series Gran Coupé appears to be replaced in the foreseeable future by an externally at least considerably revised model.

The BMW 2 Series family is a special one. It consists of several models that have little to do with each other. The BMW 2 Series (Active) Tourer is an MPV and is sold side-by-side with the 2 Series Coupé. It has only been running since 2021 and basically shares its technology with the 2-series Gran Coupé and the 1-series presented in 2019. The 2-series Coupé, in turn, is a completely different model. After all, the two-door is on a shortened version of the rear-wheel drive platform of the big brother 3-series. The 2 Series Gran Coupé was presented in October 2019 and seems to be ready for a considerable round of renewal.

From the spy photos, the 2 Series Gran Coupé gets flatter headlights, a new and apparently lower front grille, and even completely different buttocks. The perhaps somewhat unusual-looking rear of the current model with the license plate low in the tailgate and flat wide taillights that are tied together by means of a black strip of plastic makes way for a completely different tailgate. The license plate including the canopy under which it is housed, moves up a bit and the rear lights make way for – it looks like – more conventional ones. The windows seem different in shape, but they are not. Clever camouflage work from BMW does work that suggestion, though.

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