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Your Cars Will Soon Start Knowing You More Than You Know Yourself





Some say it’s a new beginning, some say it’s the beginning of the end.. no matter what side of the divide you stand, the future is being reinvented on a daily basis. 

In the future, you won’t need keys to start your cars anymore. Your fingerprint will do all that using a Biometric Access System. The car will also use facial recognition software to automatically adjust all the car settings to suit you.

With these future cars, anyone who is into car theft business should consider another profession because an iris-scanning technology in the car’s rear-view mirror will accurately confirm your identity before you can operate it. The car will welcome you if it recognises you, if not, it will send a text message to the real owner. 

These future cars will also serve as your doctor by checking your pulse, vitals, neurological activities etc. 

The automotive world is moving fast.. Good or Bad?

Do you want this type of car.. Yes or No? 

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