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5 Do-It-Yourself Car Cleaning Tips You Should Know




While few Nigerians get their cars cleaned at the Car-wash, the rest like to clean their babies themselves, if you fall into this category, this tips or ‘expo’ should help a lot. Continue below.

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Muddy tyres

Cars that drive through mud and dirt, often have their tyres telling the story. but a quick home-made paste can solve that, all you need are baking soda, dish soap and warm water and you’ll be surprised.



Old-looking leather dashboard

Very few pay attention to the state of the dashboards in our cars, some dashboards remain dirty for a long period of time. Application of olive oil leaves the dashboard looking new.



Bad smell

Instead of buying air fresheners that you are probably allergic to, you can place some charcoals in a small bag, and put under your  car seat to get rid of those irritating smells.



Dirty tight areas

Most people fall victim of dirty tight areas of our cars even after thorough washing, to some this problem, get an old brush or cotton bud, dip in cleaning  solution and clean till you are satisfied.



Car soap not good enough?

You’d be lucky if you had a lady in the house because it has been proven that hair conditioners clean cars more that the regular car soap. This is because conditioners contain a form of wax called Lanolin which can help with making your car shine more.


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