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FRSC Warn Against Overloading Of Vehicles



FRSC Advise Against Overloading Of Vehicles

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC)  are warning motorist about overloading their vehicles. The road safety corps took to their twitter handle to confirm the illegality of the act of overloading.  We all should not overload vehicles because despite the fact its illegal, it is dangerous.

Just a small reminder about the dangers of overloading inasmuch most of us know, this is just a little reminder.

  • The vehicle will be less stable, difficult to steer and take longer to stop.
  • Overloaded vehicles can cause the tires to overheat and wear rapidly which increases the chance of premature, dangerous and expensive failure or blow-outs.
  • Excess weight also increases fuel consumption, which costs you more money unnecessarily.
  • Brakes have to work harder due to ‘the riding of brakes’ and because the vehicle is heavier due to overloading. Brakes overheat and lose their effectiveness to stop the car.
  • The whole suspension system comes under stress and, over time, the weakest point can give way.

These are some of the many reasons not to overload your vehicle. Please adhere to the safety precautions of your vehicle in terms of loading and try not to go above the vehicle’s limit.

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