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How to Understand Road Signs: Basic Road Sign Knowledge




Did you know? 90% of drivers do not understand or are confused by road signs. This implies that you are likely to be at the risk of disobeying traffic rules the next time you are behind the wheels. It may have been decades or few years since you took driving classes, but you need to brush up that highway knowledge.

Today, we are not going to bore you with multiple road signs. We just want you to understand the basics concerning road signs. The following fundamentals will help you avoid being stopped by road officials. Scroll down.

  • Triangles

Triangular signs are primarily in place to prevent you from being a victim of a motor accident. They tell you of a danger ahead. They are warning signs that tell the driver to anticipate a certain situation. For instance, a triangular sign might tell you that the road you are driving will narrow as you go further. Also, it could alert you that the road widens as you drive further. This is done so you could anticipate the situation ahead.



  • Circles

While all road signs are important, you can only ignore circular signs at your own peril. They are designed to give orders to road users. A circular sign may tell you to drive at a certain speed; it may tell you not to overtake within a certain area; it may even tell you not to park in a particular location. All road signs are for the benefits of the road user, ignoring them could be fatal.



  • Rectangles

Majorly, all rectangular signs are informative signs; they are placed to give information to the road user. You see rectangular signs more than you probably see any other signs. For example, a rectangular sign may tell you the direction you are headed leads to a certain place. They give you direction to different places, and can also give you the distance between where you are and the place you are headed. These are very helpful signs if you are new to a town or region.


By understanding the basics of road signs, you can easily understand the specific meanings of each. Hope this helped.



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