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All Innoson (IVM) Vehicles Come With 3 Years Warranty




All Innoson IVM motors come with a 3 years engine, axles and gear warranty.



We will be by your side till the very end.


Upon purchase of any vehicle from Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM) Co Ltd or any of its authorized dealers, we commit to be by your side by providing prompt and quality after sales service to you no matter your location. As the first indigenous vehicle manufacturing company in Nigeria, we have a unique advantage in that vehicle spare parts are readily available. We shall meet our commitment to you through:

  1. The Innoson IVM Mobile Workshop: The Innoson IVM mobile workshop is an innovative mode we designed to provide prompt and quality after sales repair service to our customers.  The Innoson IVM Mobile Workshop is handled by highly qualified technicians and mechanics and can travel to any location to provide prompt and quality vehicle servicing to our customers and clients.
  2. Innoson IVM Service Centers: The Service Centers are the authorized locations where the Innoson IVM Vehicles undergoes its services and other forms of maintenance schedules. The purchase of original equipment and parts of Innoson IVM cars can also be gotten from these service centers.


IVM as a reputable company honours its warranty most especially to customers that commits to the following procedures;

  1. Thoroughly read your warranty
  2. Report to any of our service/care centers whenever you notice any defects or faults
  3. Service your car at regular intervals: For the sake of keeping your warranty intact, follow the Innoson IVM recommended service schedule.
  4. All through the warranty period, do not visit any mechanic workshop other than Innoson IVM approved service centers
  5. Keep all service records and receipts: This commitment serves as proof of maintenance of your vehicle with us.
  6. Have regular maintenance schedule of your vehicle with any of the Innoson IVM approved service centers. Do not fail to come for regular servicing of your vehicle(s) when it is due for servicing.
  7. Services must be carried out within 2000 miles/one month of the intervals

Further more, the following infractions can void your warranty

  1. Misuse of the vehicle: Using the vehicle for racing/competition of any type, overloading the vehicle or to off-road the vehicle or any other thing outside the normal operation of the vehicle can be considered misuse.
  2. Environmental damage: If your vehicle got damaged in a fire, flood, earthquake or any other environmental disaster, we may likely not honour our warranty to you.
  3. Altered odometer: If your car’s odometer has been disconnected, tampered with or replaced, and a situation where we cannot determine the exact mileage. Your warranty could be voided.
  4. Specific Parts Neglect: Inability to come for regular schedule servicing where necessary parts meant to be replaced are not replaced thereby causing damage to the car can cause us to void your warranty. If you fail to take your vehicle in for service during its scheduled maintenance, we may not be responsible for repairing any damage to the engine.
  5. Use of dirty or improper fluids can damage the engine. Always make sure you are using the correct fluids as outlined in your owner’s manual.

In conclusion, if the above infractions are avoided and the commitments properly followed, we promise to be by your side till the very end.





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