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Is Ojuelegba The Dirtiest Part of Lagos?




Ojuelegba is is one of the busiest places in Lagos. It is located in Surulere local government area of Lagos State.

That location has always been notorious for its crowded setting. This disorganized setup was depicted in Fela’s 1975 Confusion album,

Ojuelegba is one of the key transport nodes of Lagos state. It interconnects the city’s mainlands with Lagos Island and Victoria Island. It also serves as a connecting point for people who commute the three surrounding districts of Yaba, Mushin and Surulere.

In the 80s and 90s, Ojuelebga was known for its boisterous night life, connecting revelers to Fela Kuti’s Moshalashi Shrine on Agege Motor Road and to the redlight district starting in Ayilara street through to parts of Clegg Street

Sadly, today, Ojuelegba has become such an eyesore – a place of filth.

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