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Okada Ban: Police Patrol Vehicle Spotted Loading Ojuelegba (Photos)



Police Patrol Vehicle Joins The Transport Business

With the ban of Keke and Okada entering its 2nd week, people are getting more frustrated about the situation. As private cars have joined the transport business, our Police vehicles are not left out of the business. They have finally joined the bandwagon of the ever-growing use of non-commercial vehicles for public transportation.

This event happened at Eko Hotel roundabout in Lagos where the police officer pulled over his van. The officer started to load  Ojuelegba. An eye witness reported the situation and was left in shock. “I thought it was a joke today at Eko Hotel roundabout when this police van legit pulled over and started loading Ojuelegba. Omo!!! I couldn’t help it”. 

As funny as it sounds, you can be assured that Lagosians did not carry last as they boarded the police vehicle to get to their destinations. Well as the saying goes “POLICE IS YOUR FRIEND”.
Here is a photo of the event that took place.
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