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Jagaur Shows You How To Set A Perfect Driving Position




What can drivers do to ensure they’re sitting comfortably while driving ?

The following transcript of the video (above) and pictures explains it all…

1) Pocket

Empty your pocket. Bulky items affects sitting position

2) Angles

Get the right angles. Push your bottom as close to the back of the sit as you can.

3) Back

Make sure all your back is touching the seat.

4) Seat

Start adjusting the back of the sit so your spine and pelvis are straight.

5) Thighs

Your thighs should be at rest on the sit and you shouldn’t be able able to feel any pressure points.

6) Pedals

Change the distance from the pedals so that your knee is slightly bent when the pedals are fully down.

7) Elbows

Your elbow should be slightly bent while reaching for the steering wheel.

8) Shoulders

Your shoulders should be in contact with the seat, even when you are turning the steering wheel.

9) Headrests

Finally, adjust the headrest so that it is the same height as the top of your head.

Keep these little rules in mind, and you should be set to drive spiritedly on road…