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Cars That Are Named After Animals (Photos)



Automakers are often inspired by the natural world when naming new vehicles.Some of the most celebrated cars in history have names derived from animals.

Below are cars with Animal Names

1)Beetle (Volkswagen)



2)Eagle (AMC)

Homer, Alaska, United States — Bald Eagle in mid-air flight over Homer Spit Kenai Peninsula Alaska Winter — Image by © AlaskaStock/Corbis







5)Stingray-a flat poisonous fish(Chevrolet Corvette)


6)Viper (Dodge)


7)Mustang-a free-roaming horse (Ford)



8)Honey Bee (Datsun)

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Some others:

Barracuda-a ray-finned fish (Plymouth)

Beetle (Volkswagen)

Bison (Chevrolet)

Blackhawk (Stutz)

Bluebird (Nissan/Datsun)

Bobcat (Mercury)

Bronco-an untrained horse (Ford)

Cavalier-spaniel,a dog(Chevrolet)

Charger-a large strong horse(Dodge)

Cheetah (Chevrolet)

Cobra-a snake(Shelby, Ford)

Colt-a male horse below the age of 4 years(Mitsubishi)

Cougar-a wild cat(Mercury)

Eagle-a bird(AMC)

Firebird (Pontiac)

Fox (Audi, Volkswagen)

Gazelle-a type antelope(Singer)

Honey Bee (Datsun)

Hornet (Hudson, AMC)

Impala-a type antelope(Chevrolet)


Lark-a bird(Studebaker)

Leon-a lion(Seat)

Marlin-a fish(AMC)

Mustang-a free-roaming horse (Ford)

Pinto- a spotted horse (Ford)

Puma-a wild cat(Ford)


Ram (Dodge)

Raptor-a bird of prey or predatory bird(Ford)

Road Runner-a bird(Plymouth)

Robin-a bird(Reliant)

Sable-small carnivorous mammal(Mercury)

Scorpion (Grinnall)

Skylark-a bird(Buick)

Spider/Spyder(Alfa Romeo, McLaren, Ferrari, Fiat)

Stag-a deer(Triumph)

Stingray-a flat poisonous fish(Chevrolet Corvette)

Sunbird (Pontiac)

Super Bee (Dodge)

Thunderbird-a legendary bird(Ford)

Tiger-a wild cat(Sunbeam)

Viper-a snake(Dodge)

Wasp (Hudson)

White Eagle -a bird(Kissel)

Wildcat (Buick)


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