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11 Mistakes Most Nigerian Car Owners Make



Let’s face and accept the truth, most Nigerians, or should I say a good number of Nigerian car owners, make too many mistakes. Some of them can cause minor damages, while others can be fatal.
Let’s find out some mistakes you are probably making and why you should stop them.

Not Reading The Car Manual

I can stake a Rolls Royce Phantom in a bet that, about 5 out of 10 or even more Nigerian car owners/drivers have never read their car manual or any car manual for that matter.
Read your car manual!, not all cars are the same !. Get to know your car.

Not Knowing Basic Car Maintenance And Repair

A very good number car owners, don’t know basic maintenance and repair of minor faults. What if your car breaks down where you have no access to a mechanic, and all you need is just 10 minutes of quick fixes to get you back on the road ?.Learn basic maintenance and repair, some of them are included in the manual !.Watch and learn from your mechanic, ask questions! .

Trying To Fix Things Beyond Your Experience

As much as its good to learn how to fix stuff yourself, there are some things that are way beyond your experience level. Leave it to the pros. Don’t do more damage to your car.

Not Having Basic Tools

This goes hand in hand with learning how to do simple maintenance and repair yourself .There are some set of tools you should always have, a jack is one of them, wheel spanners etc.As funny as it sounds , some people don’t have these. You can get all your tools and more in our auto shop HERE .

Not Buckling Your Kids Up

This is rather sad and extremely dangerous. To compound the whole issue, I have seen parents allow their kids play in the front seat without being buckled up. Please make sure kids are buckled up properly.

Adults Need To Buckle Up Too

This has been repeated so much that people start feeling like they are being  “forced” to wear seat belts. It’s for your safety. Kindly put them on always, and properly too.

Disobeying Speed Limits And Traffic Signs

Most Nigerian drivers turn a blind eye to speed limit signs, sometimes school/children crossing signs are ignored too!. They are there to protect you and other road users. Respecting them would take just few minutes of your time, disrespecting them might take your entire life away, or someone else’s life. Be safe .

Disobeying Traffic Lights

I had to separate this from the previous point. This is one of the most common violation/mistake, especially when the road is “free” and there is no traffic officer in sight. I was once knocked down by a Keke(Tricycle) in Mushin one evening, because I trusted the traffic light and the drivers, I didn’t see it coming. Thankfully, it was just a few bruises , it could have been worse. Kindly obey the traffic light always .

Using The Wrong Type Of Oil

Most manuals these days indicate the kind of oil you should use.Stop trusting Kamoru the mechanic’s suggestion on what oil to use.To most of them, “oil  na oil “, they can’t even read the labels(I don’t mean to be condescending, but its true).Use the right oil for your car ! .

Using Wrong/Expired Tyres

A very good number of car owners still don’t know that tyres expire just like your milk or drugs .The fact that its shining and the threads are intact doesn’t mean it’s good to go. Some tyres aren’t even created for this climate, they are built for snow and cold environments. News flash!, its indicated on the body of the tyre. You need to start paying more attention to your safety folks!. Yes, Mr Segun, I am talking to you 😂.

Not Checking Your Tyres Before Leaving The Mechanic’s Shop

Mechanics and vulcanizers can be really careless and nonchalant sometimes. Always double check all the tyres with a wheel spanner(not your bare hands) and make sure they are properly tightened before heading out. In fact, make this a routine check every day, even if you drove your car just last night and it has been parked in your compound all day.
I once caught a neighbour placing a nail under another neighbour’s tyre.
You have no idea what village people and wicked neighbours are capable of, I have said my own oo.😁😝

Hope you enjoyed this and learnt something valuable.
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