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Fact & Funny: A Typical Nigeria Citizen Will Do This At His first Car Purchase



First time car owner

The joy of being a first time car owner can surely cannot be over-emphasised most especially in a country like Nigeria where so much importance is attached to things of such.

However for for every typical Nigeria these list are very peculiar and common among the first time car owners at least for the minimum of their first 2-3 Months of the purchase of this new baby (Car)First time car owner

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1. Daily washing

This is the commonest habit of most first time car owners, they can wash their cars even twice daily even when they didn’t drive it out just because of the joy of seeing it clean and sparkling every seconds.

2. Chasing the Boys playing football

Yea! Very common. Most car owners do this but very much with passion when it comes to first time car owners.

3. Don’t wash my car with Detergent o!

Funny right! This is very right though, most detergent bleach the sparkling color of cars but however, for this first time car owners this is always with imidiate alacrity and muscles.

4. Driving gently on the road.

Yea! This is very much common among women who just got a car. They try as much as possible to drive so carefully so as not to have a scratch on their baby car.

5.Avoiding entering potholes

This is the most common feature of a Nigeria car owners. Although avoiding potholes is close to being impossible in a place like Nigeria with very poor road networking,  but mehn! Once you see a person who just got his or her first time baby car in Nigeria, expecially in Lagos, you will recognize.

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Having listed just five of these common features of first time car owner in Nigeria,  we will love to know some funny things you did at your first purchase of your baby car. Kindly put them down below in the comment box.