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The 5 Worst places In Nigeria To Have A Car Breakdown



Nobody prays for a car breakdown. It can be considered somewhat impossible to say a car can never breakdown; they are machines engineered by man, hence are bound to fail.

Good maintenance culture has a very crucial role to play here because it reduces every chances of your car to break down.

A car breaking down is one thing, and another thing is where the breakdown took place. If you’re not lucky enough, it might breakdown in a place you won’t probably want your worst enemy’s car to break down.

We had these factors in mind before we considered them to be ‘worst’.

  • Safety
  • How easy it is to get help
  • How deserted the roads are and
  • Convenience.

Where are the 5 worst places your car can break down in our dear country Nigeria?

1. Milliken Hill Enugu:

For those that knows Enugu state too well; Milliken hill is in Ngwo, a village on the outskirt of Enugu city. it is roughly 100 meters above sea level. The deep gully bounding the hill is something you might not want to behold. The road is too meandering to drive on and drivers should drive slowly with utmost caution.

This can be a very dangerous spot to have a vehicle breakdown. The road is small, no help around, scary scenery and no lighting at night. You’re alone. Don’t be surprised to see the deities of the village.
milliken hill enugu nigeria aerial view

2. Benin – Lagos expressway:

The major characteristic of this road is the persistent armed robbers attack on the road. Dare-devil armed bandits have dominated this road and took it upon themselves to give road users concern.

This is considered to be a dangerous road when traveling by it. What if it happen your car breaks down here? You have just landed yourself in the territory of hungry lion; you’re surrounded.
It is God that saves anyway.
lagos-benin expressway

3. Enugu-Onitsha Road:

This road has continually been a pain in the a*ss to passengers and motorists alike. The road is a total mess especially during the rainy season.

Man Survives After His Car Was Crushed By A Heavy Duty Vehicle (Picture)

The road gets muddy once it rains. Imagine being stuck in the middle of this road. You not only face the dirt from the mud, you as well facing the risk of oncoming vehicles. A lot of heavy duty vehicles ply this road and you can be a victim of their accidental fall. Getting help here won’t be so easy.

4. On a bridge:

On a bridge is one of the worst places to have your car break down. Most bridges are not very broad and hence might expose you and your stalled vehicle to the danger of being a victim or reckless driving or any other road mishap. A perfect scenario of this is a Honda accord with pulled ball joint on a bridge.

3 Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Ball Joint

5. In a congested traffic jam:

Just pray it’s not anywhere around Lagos because other road users will curse the hell out of you. Even though it might not be your fault your car broke down, they don’t care. You go collect curse small.
You might find it difficult to clear your car to a better spot.


We are very much aware that we didn’t mention all the places that can be considered worst for a car breakdown.

Are there places you know that were not mentioned? Kindly use the comment section to notify us.

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Emeka is a Contributor at Autojosh. A graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering with a B.Eng degree. Emeka is a car enthusiast who is interested in traveling, writing, movies and driving. He also loves drinking garri with cold water.