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Movable Phone Charging And Wi-Fi System Built By Nigerian (Photos)



See The Amazing Movable Phone Charger Designed By A Nigerian (Photos)

Creative Nigerian car designer, Alex Ephraims has come up with an impressive innovation. It’s a movable mobile phone charging system which comes with Wi-Fi. The system is called IYI De Charger.

In a statement made available to Autojosh by Ephraims, he disclosed that the mobile charger can connect up to 50 telephones and batteries at once.

The vibrant innovative Nigerian further revealed that the mobile phone charger is also equipped with a Wi-Fi system, which makes it easy for people around the machine to access the internet.

According to Ephraims, ”this is a movable mobile phone charging system powered by Green energy.  IYI De Charger is friendly to the environment”.

Also, speaking on other features, he said, ”considering the issue of global warming and climate change, the charger has zero co2 emission with the capacity of charging up to 50 telephones. Equipped with Wi-Fi system, people around the machine can access the internet and also enjoy news or music.”

Considering the term of production, Ephraims revealed that the product is already in mass production. Another innovative step designed and developed by him.

Speaking on the locations the device is available, he said, ”IYI De Charger is now available in Ogwuaga, Umuogbu, Imo State to be precise.

”At least people at home will spend less going to Anara just to charge phones and batteries. This is suitable for empowerment”.

In a similar vein, in Ondo State, Alex Ephraims was present with his Made-In-Nigeria “Combatant” car. It comes with a V6 engine that has a maximum speed of 120 mph. It has an air conditioning system, in-dash display screen, USB port, automatic transmission, Batmobile looks, LED headlights, leather seats etc. The car is so cool the state Governor had to take a ride in it as seen in the pictures and video below.


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