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New Chrysler EV Crossover Coming In 2025 According To Brand’s CEO



Chrysler’s next new model will be an EV crossover launching in 2025, which will be based on the Chrysler Airflow concept presented in 2022 and seen in the image below. The new crossover will use the STLA Large architecture, shared with other models from Stellantis (which owns Chrysler).

The news comes straight from Chrysler CEO Christine Feuell. This will be a two-row crossover, and the brand is also considering, at some later point, the introduction of an all-new EV sedan to its lineup to replace the long-running Chrysler 300, which is currently being phased out of production. A concept for this new sedan will be revealed early next year, but apparently, the company still hasn’t decided on its exact size.

The brand is also testing a digital customer experience website where you will be able to configure, order, and schedule delivery of new vehicles in the future, as well as “artificial intelligence in customer support call centers”, though it’s unclear exactly what that means.

New Chrysler EV Crossover Coming In 2025 According To Brand's CEO

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