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5 small things Nigeria police will use to catch you big time





Yea! the Nigeria Police is your friend. But why do they use the slightest issue to turn us into their BIG FISH? This is one question you will ask yourself if you fall into their small traps.

You have to know these 5 small things that can help you avoid their big wahala:

1. Error or Omission of a digit especially in the engine/chassis number:

No man is a above mistake no dey for police dictionary. Make sure you check your vehicle papers word for word and letter for letter. Even the spelling of your name and address.

2. No engine number on vehicle papers:

Most car owners overlook their engine number because it is hard to see on the engine block. Some believe they are the same with the Chassis/VIN number. If police catch you, you will know the truth. These guys know the exact location of the engine number on most cars. It’s better you take the pain to search for it now than fall victim later.

3. Only rear windshield is tinted:

You may get away with this after a big fight. But a desperate officer will never release you until you drop something. However, a tint permit will give you a free pass.

4. If you carry stuffs that don’t have receipt in your car: 

This one is really crazy. If you carry N15k DVD player, they will ask for receipt. You carry N8k standing fan, they will ask for receipt. Meanwhile your phone is a N470k iPhone 7 plus 

5. Actual car colour is different from the colour on your vehicle paper(s):

Did you just register or renew your vehicle papers? Did you just respray your car to another colour? Always ensure the colours are the same.. because our Nigeria police will quickly conclude that you stole the car.

Now let’s hear from those that have had first hand experience.

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  1. StanisWheels

    January 13, 2017 at 21:17

    Edo Police has asked me for General Car Receipt!!

    • AutoJosh

      January 13, 2017 at 21:26

      OMG! No uniformity.

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