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Nigerians Shocked After A ₦75 Million Rolls-Royce Ghost Goes Up In Flames (Video)




A Rolls-Royce Ghost was reduced to charred metal within minutes after going up in flames.

The 4-door luxury Rolls-Royce Ghost has an estimated price of ₦75 million in Nigeria.

Rolls-Royce luxury cars  — right from the Dawn and Ghost, to the Cullinan and the flagship Phantom — are still one of the rarest cars on the road today.

Seeing one on the road will surely turned heads. Again, seeing one going up in flames can be depressing as these cars cost over 150 million Naira brand new.


A trending video, captured last month in an unnamed area in Lagos, Nigeria, shows how people were trying to save a white Rolls-Royce Ghost after going up in flames.



The charred interior of the luxury ride.

The video showed flames roaring through the engine as people aimed bucket of water and fire extinguishers at the blazing vehicle.

Despite their efforts to save the white saloon car, the Ghost was reduced to heaps of charred metal within minutes.

The cause of the fire was not stated in the video, but the engine fire suggests a fuel leak. This could occur due to a faulty fuel line connection or damaged fuel line/hose, among other factors.


This white 4-door luxury Rolls-Royce Ghost in question has an estimated price of ₦75 Million in Nigeria.

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