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fuel consumption

How To Identify A Filling Stations That Sells Poor Quality Fuel

INTRODUCTION Most motorists must have had terrible encounters with some filling stations. Such encounters range from being ripped off by petrol attendants while filling up your tank, or you get to incur some unplanned expenses in repairs as a result of poor quality fuel  in some of those filing stations. …

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Honda Confirms It’s Dropping The Accord Coupe

As the reasons still remain unknown, Honda has confirmed their plans of letting go of the Accord Coupe . They say it will be replaced with the trending 2018 Honda Accord. Apparently other brands have also stopped coupe cars production and are concentrating more on sporty sedans. Toyota did so …

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300,000th G-Class Rolls Out Of Production Line In Graz

The legendary G-Class has been built on behalf of Mercedes-Benz at Magna Steyr in Graz, Austria, since 1979. Dr Gunnar Güthenke, head of the off-road product group at Mercedes-Benz: “The G-Class is the ultimate off-roader and is an icon among off-road vehicles.” The 300,000th vehicle of the legendary G-Class has …

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mini cooper

Fuji King, Wasiu Ayinde Shows Off His Mini Cooper Car (Photos)

King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall took to social media to show off his red Mini Cooper.  See more below.. See Related post Ekiti State Governor Ayo Fayose’s Vintage Benz Car Spotted In Abuja (Photos)   Download Our Android App Today… Check import duty for over 5,000 cars in Nigeria..

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Audi Ad likening Women To Used Cars In China Backfires

English Chinese An Audi commercial equating women to used cars has riled up consumers in China. The Chinese commercial opens with a young couple on the cusp of getting married, when the groom’s mother suddenly interrupts the ceremony to inspect the bride. After yanking the bride’s nose and ears, and …

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Top 10 Causes of Car Fires

Fire is something that can cause serious damage.Be it a house or an automobile. Sometimes,vehicles can be lit up,but by the time one can realise it,it often is too late. Automobiles are very prone to catching fire. They have a lot of electricals and fluids in them and even components …

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10 Facts About Chevrolet Camaro That Would Wow You

Chevrolet has been making ground breaking technology and lovable cars since we can remember . But the Camaro is one car that wins the heart of just about anyone who sees it . Let ‘s learn a few things about the Camaro   1. It was first introduced on June 28th …

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The All New 2018 Honda Accord Has Been Unveiled – Details And Photos

With a completely new design, sophisticated materials and three exciting powertrain choices, the 2018 Honda Accord is here. The legendary accord has been totally redesigned inside and out, featuring an upscale look that makes you want to hop inside.  The all new 2018 Honda Accord is the most technologically advanced …

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Top 5 Aftermarket Car Tuners From Around The World You Should Know

Cars are tuned to personalize the characteristics of a vehicle to the owner’s preference.They are altered to provide better fuel economy, produce more power, or to provide better handling and driving. Each of these 5 tuning houses does things a little differently, but all of them produce some of the …

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10 Supercars From Countries You Wouldn’t Expect (Photos)

Geographically, supercars are usually associated with the United Stats, Japan and a few Western European nations. Here are 10 supercars from countries you wouldn’t expect supercars to come from.   1) HTT Pléthore It’s amazing the Pléthore from Montreal-based HTT Automobile isn’t more well known. Featuring a carbon fiber monocoque, a …

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10 Car Preventive Maintenance You Need To Know

Don’t ignore preventive maintenance. The basics, like changing your oil, checking your tyre pressure, and getting scheduled inspections and work done are like getting regular checkups at the doctor. They keep you healthy and give you—and the experts—a chance to catch anything serious before it becomes a major problem. With …

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New Mechanic Finder App In Lagos – Mecofinder

The Mecofinder, which was recently launched in Lagos, is an app that enables auto-mobile users easily contact a nearby mechanic or technician when in dire need. The app is a also a way of showing Nigeria is embracing internet use. According to Damilare Adekeye, Director, Engineer and Designer of Kodzone Technologies …

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bmw m760li

BMW Half-Year Sales Hits Record High Of 1 million Cars

  The BMW brand achieved its best-ever first half-year, topping the million mark for the first time ever by this point in the year. Global BMW sales totalled 1,038,030 units, an increase of 5.2% on the same period last year. Sales of BMW brand vehicles in June totalled 192,873, up 2.0% compared …

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