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Craze For “PRADO JEEP” In The Nigerian Space




Pix: Elizade

So many automotive brands jostle to have the upperhand in the giant-of-Africa market, in various species of vehicles. This competition has seen the evolution of automobiles reach astounding heights that reemphasizes this age as a technological and digital one. The salon cars, pickups, trucks, etcetera, herein bear the fascinating touch of the Honda, Toyota, Lexus, Mercedes, Ford, Kia, Mitsubishi, and IVM labels.

But in terms of sports utility vehicles (SUVs), the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is the automobile love-interest of a substantial number of Nigerians and this is proved true by its strong presence on almost all Nigerian roads. Also, its current widespread usage by most government levels in the country for official purposes, magnify Prado’s desirability and suitability for the terrain in this part of the globe.

Wrapped up in a bold-looking shape, the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is a sports utility vehicle manufactured by the renowned Toyota Company. The successive editions of the SUV have portrayed strategic modifications that make people keep coming back for more. The newest 2017 Prado model showcases prestige and efficiency. It contains an impressive 2.7 litre petrol, 3.0 litre turbo diesel or 4.0 litre (V6) petrol engine.

The exterior is designed with so much finesse that it elicits a mental picture of a well-built young handsome gentleman beaming courage. Its somewhat intimidating, classy front view with 17 & 18 inche alloy wheels to match makes it very attractive. The interior reeks of luxury that enables the owner/user to mix comfort with ease (facilitated by the in-built bluetooth) that keeps one connected while on the road. Rear seat entertainment is provided for as well as seven passenger seats, when compared with other regular SUVs, accommodates more people.


Pix: Elizade

Safety in this home on the road is guaranteed, in the event of unforeseen circumstances. According to manufacturers, the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado was tailored to thrive on both smooth and rough road surfaces. From the foregoing, one could easily understand the upsurge in demand for this masterpiece in Nigeria.

These automobile accessories propel the vehicle’s owner to the class of elites and affords a pleasurable driving experience. Some Individuals, corporate organisations, and most government bodies own a Prado. Observation says it is a rarity to see convoys in the country that do not have atleast one of this SUV in their fold. With over 45 million Naira as the asking price and its scarcity in the second-hand market, you would realize this “jeep” is not for boys nor girls.

The on-going technological advancement in the 21st century has left no stone unturned. Emergence of the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado confirms this testimony. The SUV has gained much prominence in Nigeria, evident in its proliferation on our roads. Its design emits the light of convenience, safety, and exquisiteness. Not doubtful is the thinking that it is dominating the SUV space here, and eclipsing the popular Range Rover. Beholding the tinted-glass Prado fills one with so much deserved admiration and doubles one’s appreciation of the Toyota brand. Indeed, what is on ground says that a good number of Nigerians concur to this view.

toyota prado

Pix: Elizade


Pix: Elizade

Kaycee Naze

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  1. Godman

    February 13, 2017 at 15:53

    Of a truth, it has a good exterior but the 2.7 liter engine for such a big vehicle is nothing to write home about because it is very sluggish. Also, the reason you can’t find it in the second-hand market is because it isn’t used in the United States and most of the used vehicles used here comes from there

    • AutoJosh

      February 13, 2017 at 17:05

      Well said.

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