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OLX & LASTMA Educate Nigerians On Vehicle Safety During The Rainy Season




Rainy Season

The rain has been quite heavy this season, although the farmers would be extremely grateful for the rain; those who drive or own cars are concerned about the effect the rain would have on their vehicles.

Leading online classifieds site provides a platform for Nigerians to buy and sell vehicles quickly and conveniently. In addition to facilitating trade, OLX partners with government agencies and corporate organizations that are relevant and offer value to vehicle users.

Recently, OLX worked with LASTMA to educate Nigerians on very important precautions to take to ensure they are safe when driving during the rainy season.

Olawale Musa, General Manager of LASTMA advised road users that the following precautions should be taken when driving during the rainy season.

1. Drive Slowly

Road users are advised to be patient while driving in bad weather. To avoid major accidents we advise that you limit your speed to a maximum of 60km/h or even less as the case may be. Driving slowly also prevents the car from being damaged by hidden potholes. Road users should also use their hazard lights to alert other road users who have poor visibility.

2. Have Your Battery Checked

Getting stranded in the rain with a dead battery is not fun, and can easily be avoided. The typical lifespan of a battery is between 3-5 years. Wet weather can stress your battery, and humidity can cause terminal corrosion and minor electrical grounds that can drain it overnight. If your battery is over three years old, it is advisable you have it checked especially during the rainy season. A good indicator that the battery is getting weak is when it starts to sound sluggish during start up. Any mechanic can perform a simple test for battery strength. Buying a new battery is a whole lot better than getting stranded in the rain.

3. Make sure your tyres are in good condition

Do not underestimate the importance of good traction for the slippery roads. Make sure your tyres are appropriate for the raining season by consulting a tyre repairer aka vulcaniser. Ensure that all tyres including the spare are properly inflated.

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4. Fill the Windshield Washer Fluid Reservoir and Check Wipers

Your windshield wipers will be used a lot during the rainy season. Top off the fluid and make sure you have a set of good blades. Water deposits can clog the tiny nozzles on windshield washers over time thankfully, these can be cleaned easily with a fine needle, which can also be used to nudge and re-aim the nozzles to adjust the spray pattern. If the washers are badly damaged, replacement washers with better spray patterns are relatively cheap and easily available.

5. Keep your fuel tank full

A fuel tank that is nearly empty could result in condensation forming on the inside walls of the fuel tank. Fluctuating temperatures can result in water getting inside the tank. It’s never a good idea to run your tank to near-empty any time of the year because you run the risk of getting stranded.

6. Call for help

If you are involved in an accident or in any form of an emergency; Lagosians can dial these toll free lines 767 or 112.

7. Upgrade your car on OLX

If you feel your car is not rainy season compliant, sell your old car on the OLX site using an OLX Champ and search for great deals on the site to buy exclusive offers on verified cars.


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