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Tesla Cybertruck Owners Complain Bitterly About Rust



Several Cybertruck owners have recently expressed their dissatisfaction with the electric pickup. One American even says that his car ‘started to develop rust spots after just two days in the rain’. That seems remarkable because the Cybertruck is known for its body made entirely of stainless steel. According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, that carriage is not only expensive but also difficult to shape and weld.

The first Cybertrucks were delivered last December. Several owners report that small rust spots are starting to appear on the metal. Several theories are going around about the rust spots. Business Insider came across a blog post from metal supplier Mead Metals, which described that ‘ stainless steel’ can still rust in certain climates. Usually, the cause is water, although ‘prolonged exposure to heat’ can also lead to this.

At least Tesla does not seem to completely deny the problem, because the digital manual of the Cybertruck already states that ‘corrosive substances’ such as bird droppings and salt must be removed as quickly as possible. The fact that the Cybertruck’s stainless steel body has no coating is reportedly a major cause of the problem. Cybertruck drivers are already advising each other to have such a coating applied afterward.

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