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New Renault Morphoz Can Stretch To Take Extra Batteries (Photos)




Renault Morphoz electric concept car



French automaker Renault has unveiled a new electric concept car called the Morphoz. The Morphoz EV is literally a “transformer car” that is designed for both city driving and long trips.

The Morphoz EV in “City” mode has a 40 kWh battery-pack that can give 249 miles of driving in cities before needing a recharge.

Fast forward to 2.10 mins to see how the car stretches….

For long trips, the “transformer car” can stretch in size at the touch of a button to accommodate an additional 50-kWh battery extender pack.

The additional 50-kWh battery pack, which can be installed “in just a few seconds,” increases the range to 434 miles.



Its ability to stretch by 20 cm during the “Travel” mode also creates more room in the cabin for occupants and cargoes.

During this transformation, the rear bumper, quarter lights and air deflectors also move to make the Renault Morphoz more aerodynamic.

The battery-packs can be charged with a cable and through wireless induction at home and special stations. It can also be charged while driving on roads that are equipped with induction chargers.

In addition to powering the car, its batteries can be used to power household appliances via vehicle-to-grid bi-directional technology.




Inside, it has a rectangular steering wheel that hosts a 10.2-inch touchscreen for controlling most car functions.

The futuristic car has a front passenger seat that flips 90-degrees back so that the occupant can face the rear passengers.




Much like the Symbioz concept that we saw in 2018, the Morphoz supports 5G connectivity and level 3 autonomous driving.

That means your hands can be off the wheels, but your eyes can only be off the road sometimes.

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