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Report: Nearly Half Of US EV Drivers Wants To Return To Fuel Engines



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A striking study by McKinsey & Co. found that no fewer than 46 percent of American EV drivers say they want to return to a car with a combustion engine. Worldwide, this share is lower but still high. The main reason doesn’t even have to do directly with the car.

According to Carscoops, the research shows that 46 percent of American EV owners consider it likely that the next car will simply be one with a combustion engine. This conclusion was drawn after a survey among 30,000 participants, who were asked 200 questions. Those 30,000 people did not all come from the US, but also from many other countries. Worldwide, 29 percent of EV owners believe there is a good chance that the fully electric car will be replaced in the future by one with a roaring engine in the front.

The main reason for (potentially) saying goodbye to the EV is the inadequate charging infrastructure. The (apparent) need to arrange another car if a long trip is planned also bothers many EV owners in the study. It is striking that the high costs of EV driving are also mentioned as a reason.

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