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Germany Kills Hopes On Thermal Engine 2035 Extension Rumors



In recent weeks, information has been gaining momentum: the EU is already negotiating not to end thermal power in 2035. The German Automobile Industry Association warns that this is not the reality.

The situation has not changed. In any case, this is what the VDA, the main association of the German automotive industry, has announced, which had to make a public outing to reaffirm Europe’s current positions about the end of the thermal energy timetable. At the same time, the German auto industry and its equipment manufacturers have already decided to invest billions of euros in electric platforms.

Should we see a turnaround in the situation today for the end of thermal energy in 2035 in Europe? Luca de Meo, CEO of the Renault group, had already lit the fuse on the sidelines of the Geneva Motor Show by announcing that it would be complicated to respect this schedule. A discrepancy that may surprise and be in contradiction with the position of the ACEA, led by Luca de Meo! In one week, the tone had changed, but it remains difficult to know whether the latest version is to be attributed to the boss of Renault or that of ACEA. Still, many fires have been lit in recent days in Europe, mentioning a possible change of heart at the European level on the end of the combustion engine.

German Industry Refutes

The VDA has come forward to clarify things. The automobile industry association, which represents the entire sector, recalls that the current negotiations in Europe are not about the 2035 deadline but about something entirely different.

” The reports currently circulating confuse certain subjects and responsibilities and draw erroneous conclusions. This is not about regulation of CO2 fleets or CO2 limit values ​​for newly registered vehicles. In a world where electric vehicles record double-digit growth rates and where there are already several electric models in the Far East cheaper than comparable combustion cars, insisting on old technology leads directly to a shrinking niche market. Our car industry would then no longer be no longer in the game, they would no longer be able to free themselves from this technology and the result would be hostile takeovers and factory closures .

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