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Volkswagen Cancels EV Production At Wolfsburg Plant



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Volkswagen planned to expand production of the electric Volkswagen ID3 to its home base in Wolfsburg. But that will not happen, which means that no EVs will be made in Volkswagen’s home city for the time being.

Like any self-respecting car brand, Volkswagen has big electric plans. The brand’s first ‘dedicated’ EV, the ID3, has been running off the production line in Zwickau since 2019, but Volkswagen would eventually also build the electric hatchback in its home base of Wolfsburg. That was supposed to happen this summer but is now definitely cancelled.

The news of the German ANP equivalent, DPA, certainly does not come as a complete surprise. Production in Zwickau has already been scaled back a notch and was even temporarily halted, all because the EV adaptation for Volkswagen is not going as fast as expected. Demand is lagging, so converting a Wolfsburg factory for EV production is simply not necessary now. “The bottom line is that every euro that we don’t necessarily have to spend counts,” production director Christian Vollmer told a German newspaper. Zwickau therefore remains the main location for ID3 production, supplemented as usual with a small number of ID3s from Dresden.

No EVs from Wolfsburg for the time being

In the short term, this decision means that no EVs will be built in Wolfsburg. Volkswagen’s head office therefore sticks to cars with a fuel engine, with or without an electric motor, in a hybrid configuration. In the long term, EVs will, of course, have to be made in Wolfsburg, so Volkswagen is continuing with the necessary preparations. reports that a small electric SUV should be built here in 2026

The electric plans for Wolfsburg were also delayed earlier when Volkswagen decided to shelve plans for the construction of a new electric top model there.

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