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Bosch Boss: Fuel Engines Will Remain Relevant For Decades



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Is the fuel engine almost finished? Well, no way. At least Bosch’s boss doesn’t think so. According to him, fuel engines will remain relevant for a long time.

In Europe, things are secretly making good progress in saying goodbye to the conventional fuel engine in new cars. By 2035, new cars that cause direct emissions will no longer be available. That effectively means the end of new fuel cars. There is an exception for synthetic fuels, but the question remains how much difference that will make. However, Bosch CEO Stefan Hartung does not expect the fuel engine to come to an end quickly from 2035 onwards.

Hartung expects that combustion engines will still have at least another 30 to 35 years before the global vehicle fleet is fully electrified. Hartung sees that the rise of electric cars worldwide is in different stages. According to him, it is therefore essential that the German car industry continues to work on fuel engines to continue to serve the international market. Hartung does support the EU target of 2035, he mainly points out that there are many other markets to take into account. For example, he also sees exceptions for agricultural machines for the time being.

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