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Jaguar To Reach A New Milestone As They Stop Production Of Many Models



Jaguar is preparing to stop production of various models. Once that happens, Jaguar’s production portfolio will no longer look like what you are used to.

When you think of Jaguar, you probably mainly think of stately sedans, sporty coupes, and convertibles. That will soon be a thing of the past. Jaguar has almost finished production of all models that still contribute to that picture. According to reports, the boss of Jaguar’s American branch said in a conversation with Road and Track that Jaguar F-type and XE production will be completed within a few weeks. Later, production of the XF will also stop, and finally, this will happen next summer with the E-Pace and F-Pace.

So a special milestone is coming because once the F-type, XE, and ultimately all of the current models are gone, only the I-Pace will remain because it is electric. After all, Jaguar will become a fully electric brand. In Jaguar’s electric future, there is room for something other than a crossover or SUV. There is a GT in the pipeline, and there may even be an electric XJ.

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