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This Is Ripsaw EV2,The World’s Fastest Luxury Super Civilian Tank



Ripsaw EV2


The ripsaw EV2 (Extreme Vehicle 2) is a luxury super tank made by Howe and Howe Technologies.It is simply the fastest, most capable, and most intimidating dual tracked vehicles ever made.

Ripsaw specializes in converting former military tanks into high performance luxury vehicles while the gun and much of its body armor has been removed.

The vehicle has advanced suspension tracks, while its huge engine sits at the back, giving it an acceleration that rivals most sports cars.

The basic package is a four-ton, 18-foot long two-seater with a cabin suspended in an exoskeleton of aerospace aluminum and high-grade steel.

It uses a duramax turbodiesel V8 from General Motors to pump out 600 horsepower,0-62 mph takes just 3.5 seconds making it faster than some supercars while its top speed is 80 mph.

Ripsaw has fitted the luxury tank with more suspension travel than a Range Rover, resulting in a surprisingly smooth ride. As a result,It is capable of trekking across all terrains including ice, snow and desert with ease with the ability to climb gradients of up to 75 percent.

Inside, the EV2 is equipped with luxuries like air-conditioning, electrically adjustable leather seats and a stereo. That doesn’t make it a Bentley Bentayga rival, but we need to be reminded that this is a road-going tank that weighs nearly four tons.

Each Ripsaw EV2 is custom-made and can take up to 6 months to fabricate. The cost of Ripsaw EV2 starts around $400,000.


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