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Rivian To Start Its Own Charging Network To Other EVs



Tesla’s Supercharger network has been in the news a lot recently for opening up to EVs from other brands, and now Rivian has decided to follow suit. Rivian has its own charging network, called the Rivian Adventure Network, which at the moment comprises 400 fast chargers in 67 locations throughout the US.

All of these have so far been exclusive to owners of Rivian EVs, but that will change starting in the second half of this year. Rivian has announced the news through its most recent shareholder letter.

The company boasts that its chargers had an average uptime of 97% during the fourth quarter of 2023. The chargers are developed, designed, and manufactured in-house by Rivian.

Rivian EV owners will also gain access to Tesla’s 12,000+ strong Supercharger network across the US starting in 2025. Rivian will provide free NACS adapters to owners of its vehicles before then. The Rivian R2, which is getting official on March 7, is expected to ship with the NACS connector as standard.

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