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Rolls Royce Black Badge Now Available In Nigeria: Photos And Details



Many cars are found on Nigerian roads but there’s one brand that sits in a class of its own. It’s the Rolls-Royce MotorCar. It’s not just a car. It’s a phenomenal monument.

To add icing on the cake, Coscharis Motors Limited recently introduced a more athletic and more potent Rolls- Royce Black Badge Ghost into the Nigerian market. The Black Badge is a Rolls-Royce model unleashed with more power, audacity, attitude, fun and sporting characteristics in a stealth manner. It comes with unparalleled luxury, supreme ride comfort, automated everything and suicide doors which are hinged on the rear.

The Rolls-Royce Black Badge is powered by a twin turbo 6.6litre V12 engine that produces 603hp and 840Nm of torque (40hp and 60Nm more than the standard Ghost) with an impressive 0-100kph in 4.5 seconds. It weighs about 2440kg with max speed of 155mph. The mansion on wheels sends power to the ground through an 8 speed GPS guided automatic transmission which adapts to the road and the driver’s driving dynamics by ensuring the car is in the right gear for the road ahead.

According to Mr Tolu Gbadamosi who is the Business/Sales Manager of Rolls-Royce MotorCars Lagos, “The engine found in the Rolls-Royce Black Badge Ghost is a quarter of the engine of the Canadian Bombardier Private Jet”. “This means 4 Black Badge engines make up a Bombardier Jet engine”, he said.

Rolls Royce Black Badge Rolls Royce Black Badge

When Autojosh test drove the Black Badge, we couldn’t help but fall in love with its limitless features some of which are:

  • Spirit of Ecstasy that can be lowered into the bonnet with the push of button.
  • 12.3 inch infotainment display on the dash with available voice command for calls, texts and emails
  • Unique power reserve gauge compared to the conventional RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) gauge
  • 18 speaker ultra high end bespoke sound system
  • Cabin noise cancellation technology
  • The teflon-coated water repelling umbrella that ejects from the doors with the push of a button
  • Air suspension
  • Rolls-Royce emblem on the wheel cap that stays upright no matter how much or how fast you drive
  • Power operated trunk opening and closing feature.
  • The suicide doors that close with the push of a button so you don’t have to stretch to pull the doors
  • Starlight roof headliner with thousands of individual fibre optic lights
  • The analogue clock which has been widely emulated in the industry.
  • The Infinity Symbol that signifies the limitless extent to which you can customise the most customisable car in the world.

Rolls Royce Black Badge

  • 4 zone climate control
  • Refrigerator in the rear seat
  • Infotainment that can be controlled from the rear seat of the Black Badge Ghost
  • Head-Up display
  • DVD with screens that entertain the rear passengers.
  • Wireless charging, AUX and USB connection in the arm rest storage compartment.
  • Driver assist and night vision option.
  • Excess legroom.
  • Mirrors on the C-Pillar that ensures the chauffeured looks refreshed at all times.
  • Ventilated and memory controlled seats.
  • High definition Daytime Running Lights.
  • Auto dimming rear view mirror.
  • Several layers of paint with so much thickness and depth that makes the paint scratch proof.
  • Reverse camera with active guideline and top-down-surround view that ensures you don’t scratch your Rolls Royce especially when reversing.
  • Huge 255/40 R 21 tyres that hugs the road firmly.
  • Large ventilated brake discs that are capable of bringing the car to a quick stop when the need arises.
  • Digital owners manual in the infotainment system and many more.

The Black Badge is available at Coscharis Motors showrooms with 4 years regional warranty. They’ve been tropicalized and made suitable for Nigeria and it’s environs.

Rolls Royce Black Badge

Rolls Royce Black Badge

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