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See How Much Water Can Be Trapped Inside Your Car After Driving Through Flooded Areas



A car owner reveals how large amounts of water can get trapped in vehicles.And while it would seem hard to believe that much water could actually seep through the tight window and interior panels seals, the amount of liquid these would-be water tanks actually store is incredible.

Water gets trapped after an heavy rain or if the vehicle drives through flooded areas.Not only can the trapped water cause body panels to rust and wear away, it can also add unnecessary weight to your car which could increase braking distances, make handling worse and even cause you to burn through more fuel.

The owner of the Volkswagen Touareg featured in this video noticed a funny sound coming from his car and realised that it was water trapped in a frame at the bottom of a door.

He can be seen scraping at the plugs on the rocker panel, which have become clogged with dirt and debris.After freeing a hole in the plug on the underside of the panel near the front tyre, the waterworks begin.

What looks like small steady stream continues for a full minute, allegedly draining around 7 litres of water that has been trapped within the door panels.

Other sections of your motor are also at risk of filling up with water if they aren’t properly maintained. Cowl drains, located just in front of the windscreen, are easily clogged with leaves and debris, making them a major problem area for water storage.

If too much water gets stuck inside these, it can seep into the car’s footwell and wreak havoc on the interior electrics of your motor.
This issue can affect any car, which is why it is important for drivers to always keep up to date with regular maintenance.

Checking the underneath of your car for dirt and debris, and making sure all plug holes remain clear of blockages will save you from potentially costly water damage and repair bills.