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See The Official Cost Of Obtaining A Nigerian Passport And Other Related Issues (PHOTOS)



This is the entrance of the Passport Office, Obalende, Lagos.

At the entrance of the premises is a very visible notice, printed on the entrance gate.

The information on it is the tabulated summary of the fees for the various services offered by the Nigeria Immigration Services (NIS).

The services and the fees offered there  are wide-ranging.

They range from the procurement of fresh Nigerian International passports and its renewal, correction of errors, change of data, etc.

Indeed, the figures quoted on the notice are the official amount. However, the reality that patrons of these services are confronted with at the various passports offices around the country reveals that these fees are hardly realistic.

It is no secret that there is a deliberate scheme by some members of the Nigerian passport issuing authority to frustrate patrons to the point that these patrons will be so willing to offer more for these services.

Anyway, the image below shows the official rates for some International Passport services as promoted by the Nigeria Immigration Services (NIS).


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