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See The Environment At Tin Can Island Port (PHOTOS)



Tin Can Island Port in Apapa, Lagos, is one of the two relatively active seaports in Nigeria. The second one being the Apapa Port, also situated in Apapa.

Nigeria currently generates about N1trillion from ports operations across the country.

About 75% of that amount is generated from the Apapa and Tin Can Island Island seaports.

Some school of thought believes that the amount generated from the ports could have been more if the Apapa roads were in good condition.

Another school of thought believes that several trillions more would be realized from the ports in the country if the other seaports in the country were made more active.

Now, that is a story for another day.

Meanwhile, a visit to the Tin Can Island Port reveals an environment that is a picture of disorganization and filth.

The environment – especially in front of the gates – is populated by traders, clearing agents, different law enforcement agents, touts,  long trail of parked trailers, etc. All of them hustling for attention, or to gain entrance into the port complex, or trying to extort patrons of money, etc.

All of these, together with the dirty environment, makes this port – one of Nigeria’s major non-oil cash cow –  an eye-sore.

See photos below.
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