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Someone Just Bought A ₦126m Plate Number For A Bentley Continental GT Speed



A retired businessman just splashed a whopping £287,792 (or ₦126 million) on a personalised registration “IG 1” at a DVLA auction in the Vale of Glamorgan.

This number plate, which costs the same price as some high-end supercars, is the third most expensive number plate in UK after 25 0 and 1 D which cost £518,000 in 2014 and £285,000 in 2009 respectively.

The buyer Ian Guest, who revealed that he spent so much because it was the ‘ultimate registration’ for his initials, said the special plate will be put on his Bentley Continental GT Speed. 2019 GT Speed starts at ₦83million.

“It was incredible,”

“When the price went to £100,000 everything really became a haze.

“My wife Pamela expected me to pay between £240,000 and £260,000 but I never thought it would go so high.”

The hammer price for the number plates was £220,000 but several premiums and VAT caused it to rise to £287,792.

The £7.25m “1” number, owned by Abu Dhabi businessman Saeed Abdul Ghaffar, is the most expensive registration plate.

11 months ago, a Rolls-Royce owner also paid ₦217million (£460,000) for a ultimate “RR1” registration plate at an auction.

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