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Speed Limiter Purchase For Road Safety



speed limiter

You can probably guess what a speed limiter does by its name alone. But how do speed limiters actually work, and why would you want one?

Speed Limiter Brief Introduction

The concept of speed limiting was informed by the high rates of car crashes that occur on a daily basis. In recent times, studies has proved that road traffic accidents claim more lives than the deadly Malaria Fever.

Speed limiter for road safety can intelligently realize the effective control of high speed, to avoid the hidden danger of driving, at the same time, to ensure accelerator pedal free action within the scope of speed limit. It’s very easy to achieve real-time fleet management.

speed limiter

Main Features

  1. Speed limit at a preset speed
  2. Data retrieval of speed record
  3. Remote control setting function
  4. Head up display
  5. High speed limit precision, intelligently learning tachometer, can connect tachometer of all vehicles
  6. With GPS tracker (Optional)
  7. Speed limit deviation: ± 1km/h
  8. Stable working and easy to install
  9. Widely applicable to truck, car, school bus etc.
  10. Real-time fleet management
  11. Remote management
  12. Programmable


Technical Parameters

  1. Applicable environment temperature is from – 35 ℃ to 85℃
  2. Applicable standard: Road of three level or above
  3. Speed limit range:10-160 Km/h
  4. Speed limit deviation:±1 Km/h
  5. Ant-vibration performance metrics: Frequency 20 to 50 HZ , acceleration 1g
  6. Electromagnetic Compatibility: voltage of anti-pulse reaches 4000V
  7. Voltage: DC9-36V
  8. Power: 5 w

Contact for purchase

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