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Stellantis, Ford And GM Reach Agreement With UAW After 6 Weeks Strike



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After six weeks of strikes, General Motors has also reached an agreement with the American automotive industry union, UAW. Bloomberg News reports this based on insiders. Stellantis and Ford previously reached an agreement with the union. The deal with GM is largely in line with the agreement reached by its two competitors. For example, a 25 percent wage increase has been agreed upon. GM’s union members must still approve the deal.

The UAW (United Auto Workers) also reached a provisional agreement with Stellantis, the parent company of brands such as Chrysler, Opel, Peugeot, Jeep, and Fiat, on Saturday after a 44-day strike. The parties also agreed, among other things, on a 25 percent wage increase. This was also agreed upon a few days earlier with Ford, which was the first to adopt the policy. The 25 percent that GM, Stellantis, and Ford are now asking for is less than the 40 percent that the UAW first demanded, but more than how far the automakers originally wanted to go.

The strikes started in mid-September. It was the first time in history that the Big Three went on strike simultaneously. President Joe Biden came by at the end of that month to encourage the strikers and express his support. That also never happened before.

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