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Three European Stellantis Factories Closed Due To Strike



Misery at Stellantis: three European factories have to close their doors for several days due to a strike at a supplier.

This concerns the French factories in Poissy and Hordain, plus a factory in Luton, Britain. Poissy builds the DS 3 and the Opel Mokka, and the other two facilities produce medium-sized vans. These are sold as Opel, Citroën, Peugeot, Vauxhall (UK), and Fiat, but also under the flag of Toyota, which operates outside Stellantis.

According to Reuters, the temporary closure is the result of a strike at MA France, a supplier responsible for stamped steel parts. At MA France, they would probably be taking a foretaste of a possible relocation of some of the Stellantis products to Poland, which the company apparently fears. Stellantis is in discussions with the strikers and, of course, hopes that things can be restarted soon.

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