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Stellantis Pays Out Almost 2 Billion Euros To Its Employees



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Stellantis announces that it is distributing an additional amount to its employees due to last year’s profits. This profit sharing amounts to a total of approximately 1.9 billion euros and must be distributed among approximately 242,000 people. A quick calculation shows that an average of approximately €7,850 per employee is paid out in profit sharing.

Logically, it will not be exactly the same amount for all employees, but at least in proportion to the number of hours worked and possibly also depending on the position. There are various ways to receive profit sharing, Stellantis reports. There are various ‘payout programs’.

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares, in announcing the profit sharing, expresses his gratitude to his employees: “In a very demanding and competitive context, all Stellantis employees can be proud of what we have built together over the past three years, and I want to thank them here thank you all very much.” In total, Stellantis paid out approximately six billion euros in profit sharing during those three years.

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