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This Chinese City Deters Pedestrian Trying To Cross The Road With Water Spray




A city in central China is testing a scheme to spray jaywalkers with water if they try to cross the road at junctions on a red light.

The system in Daye in Hubei province is also fitted with facial recognition technology so offenders can be identified and publicly named and shamed.

The yellow bollards are connected to the traffic system and it reminds the pedestrians when the lights are changing.

When the light is green , a voice says: “Please cross the road quickly and mind your safety.”

When the traffic light turns red, the bollard will say: ‘You are running red lights now. Please do not cross, it is dangerous.’


The structures also contain a laser system that displays a red light when crossing is prohibited and a green light when pedestrians are in the clear.

Any jaywalking offenders will have their face snapped onto a large display screen near the crossing.

The internal temperature of the bollards is set at 26 degrees Celsius and workers will fill them up with clean water every day so there is no need to worry about pollution or catching a cold.

The city government has spent 1.3 million yuan (US$207,000) on developing the system and plans to install the bollards at major intersections across the city.